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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Dream kitchen

I'm planning a new kitchen. Actually I've been planning this for about 12 years, pouring over kitchens in interior magazines with a huge folder of cuttings of kitchens I love. But, finally, it is on the verge of becoming a reality. So much so that I am eating, drinking, and sleeping kitchens. I dream of aga's, cup handles, butler sinks ... I think you get the picture.

I haven't the space (or the money - £7000!) for an aga but I have fallen in love with this mini-range cooker. Oooh, what a lovely pop of colour this will give to cream colour cabinets!

Someday soon I will have the kitchen of my dreams but for tonight join me and dream of gorgeous kitchens such as these...

Sweet dreams zzzzz


  1. I can't wait to see your kitchen Louise! I'm sure I'll love it! Are really Aga so expensive??? anyway the mini-range cooker is gorgeous!
    Good job ;)

  2. Yes £7000 + for an aga (and they are very expensive to run). You could by a small car for that money!

  3. These are really beautiful, Louise !
    Hope you'll have your dream kitchen soon !
    Nice week,

  4. I like the third one! It looks very country, but it also has a modern touch. It suits bigger families. They can hang around in there without getting too crowded.

  5. I'm currently in the planning stages of my new kitchen too, also long awaited and planned for!! I hope your finished kitchen will be all you dreamed of and more. I adore the vintage, shabby chic style too and that's exactly how I'm doing up my recently refitted bathroom and soon to be kitchen. You can find so many beautiful, character full things to treasure. I love you blog and look forward to seeing pictures of you new room.

    1. Hi Gilly, lovely to meet you. My kitchen has been finished for some time now and much loved. You can see some photos here:


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