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Friday, 30 August 2013


"O Walberswick's a village of very little tillage
In the northern part of Suffolk, and it's very picturesque;
And you fly from all the gritty, dirty bye-ways of the City,
To forget, in pleasant ramble, dreary duties at the desk"

Idyllic. Soaking up the remains of summer...

Monday, 19 August 2013

Vintage Vermont

I'm going to Vermont in 6 weeks time ... but first. I bought this lovely tea towel (dish cloth to US readers) in Cape Cod last year and it's been sitting with others in the 'too gorgeous to use on wiping dishes pile' since I got back. This pile includes some beauties from Anthropologie and I just can't bear to use them but don't want to just hide them away. So my Cape Cod tea towel is now a cushion! Simple side seams, secured at the back with a couple of vintage buttons and voila!

Nice huh?

(I just love this bakelite cutlery I bought while I was at the Cape.)

Anyway back to Vermont. I have some time to do a road trip between seeing friends while I'm there. I want to take in the Fall colour and I'm looking for suggestions for where to visit (I'll be based in Burlington and Manchester)while I'm there with a vintage theme - browsing antique stores, old homes etc. I really, really want to see some of these ...

and these...

(There's a bit of a red thing going on here isn't there...)

Anyhow, US friends, your suggestions would be most welcome. Be my tour guide!


Sunday, 11 August 2013

Wonderful Whitstable!

I love Whitstable. It's the perfect English seaside town. A lovely mix of traditional and trendy and when the sun shines it's unbeatable for a day out.

Whitstable has the perfect mix of beach huts, great individual shops (92% of all shops - yey no Starbucks!), a working fish market, boats bobbing in the harbour and laid back cafe culture. How can you resist a place that has street names like Squeeze Gut Alley (harking back to it's smuggler past)?

 As a bonus the regular Seaside Brocante was on when we were there last week and there were some lovely vintage items on sale.


You can find out more about Whitstable here

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Hitchen Lavender

What a shame it's not scratch and sniff. Took my Mum, 93 years young, out to Hitchin Lavender in Hertfordshire this afternoon. We came back with big bundles of Lavender that we cut ourselves. Really can't think of anything nicer to do on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

How do you like to spend summer Sundays?


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