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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Fall in Vermont

I've been absent for blogging for a few weeks now. I used to laugh when people said they had never been so busy since they retired and now I hear myself saying it! Maybe it's because I now have the time to do all those things I could never fit into weekends. I've had a lot of fun seeking out treasure for my vintage and handmade shop, upcycling galore and getting my vintage 'look' together - a mixture of pretty pastels and rustic white.

Another reason I have been absent is because I have more time to travel. I'm just back from a fab trip to New England. Some time in Boston (what a great city) and in Vermont to meet up with friends and enjoy the amazing fall colour. If you've been to Vermont at this time of year you will know just how stunning the tapestry of autumn colour is. For those of you who haven't I hope my photos will give you a taste of what you're missing.

As well as the wonder of nature at this time of year there was some things manmade that I was dying to see too - red barns and covered bridges! Look out for my next post to see more :-)


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