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Friday, 24 December 2010

My Christmas vintage wish list

It's Christmas Eve. Presents are wrapped and ready and I'm always grateful for any presents I receive. My family and friends know my taste well - there's always some Cath Kidston! But if Santa feels like bringing me something on his sleigh tonight then anyone of the following would be very gratefully received.....

One of these gorgeous sewing baskets from good old Cath!

Or these pretty shelves from Cox and Cox

I love these tin birds don't you?

A pair of these vintage earrings would look very glamorous with a little black dress on Christmas Day

My hand made soaps would love lovely in this soap dish

I adore white flowers

Imagine serving afternoon tea on these pretty trays!

Heart shaped wire baskets from Gisella Graham

I can't resist some pretty ribbon

A vintage style enamel calendar to keep me organised in 2011

I hope Santa brings you whatever you wish for!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas xx

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Snow on snow

We have had such heavy snow that getting out and about has been impossible this weekend. Rather than battle against the elements the opportunity to stay cosy and warm at home has been irresistible.

I've had lots of fun wrapping my handmade soap for Christmas gifts. 
I think they've turned out rather well!

I did venture out today to take some pictures. Doesn't the snow make everything look magical? 
This is the view at the top of my road...

and down the lane...

and in the fields...

"Have you ever stood outside in the snow 
You'll soon notice 
That there isn't a more beautiful place to go 
You walk outside through those doors 
Anger is soon gone and hostility depletes 
And you're left with a winter wonderland 
All you hear is your thoughts in the snow 
Comfort and peace is all around you 
You walk out to the snow expecting just snow 
But you realize something you've never known"

the local girls school...

It was an invigorating walk, but how lovely to be back home again and into the warm. Add some twinkly lights, hot soup, and curl up by the fire - perfect.

I do hope your weekend has been just a lovely as mine.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Country Living

I love Country Living magazine don't you? January's UK edition features two wonderfully contrasting interiors.

The first is an all white Swedish home that has me positively drooling. What is it about an all white interior that makes me want to redecorate?

And in complete contrast this beautifully colourful and creative Welsh home.

Wonderful interiors to pour over. On these cold dark days what could be better than to curl up with by the fire with a cup of tea and a copy of Country Living.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Deck the halls fa la la la la

The snow has melted and I finally got out to do some Xmas shopping last weekend in St Albans, about a 20 minutes drive. There's lots of lovely individual shops there and a big market with a great fabric stall. I couldn't resist buying a metre of this cute doggy print. I have a pinafore pattern I've been meaning to try out and I think this fabric would suit it very well.

St Albans has lovely old streets in it's conservation area and I loved the blue Xmas lights on the pyracantha outside this cottage.

This one had a lovely red and green wreath and the pretty red ribbon around the plant pots look so elegant don't they?

I always have a Xmas wreath on my front door. I've had a simple red berries and twigs wreath for years and every year a few more berries drop off, so this year I've added some red silk flowers to give it a bit of a boost. Here's my Xmas 2010 door...ta-da!

I don't do too many decorations in the house (I have enough clutter as it is!) and I've kept the red and white theme going with this simple wooden tree I bought from John Lewis, on which I've just hung some simple red baubles.

It's sitting in the front window...

A garland and a gold star above the fireplace then I'll add some twinkly lights and candles on Xmas Eve.

And finally....

This enormous tree in Hadley Wood (the Beverley Hills of North London) is on my commute home from work!

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Xmas is coming!

What a week! It's freezing! It's my sons birthday (39, eek how did that happen) just before Xmas and I'd bought tickets to see Canadian band Arcade Fire a the O2 Arena in London on Wednesday. I was so worried that the snow would prevent us getting there, but we made it and they were fantastic! Getting home was another story though. After getting the tube part of the way I had to drive the remainder of the journey as the snow came down. Half a mile from home I had to give up and walk the rest of the way - it was about 1am in the morning when I got home!

All this bad weather and I feel totally unprepared for Xmas. Have you started Xmas shopping yet? I am so behind this year but at least I have the soap I made at Odds and Suds to decorate and wrap - I've warned family and friends to expect lots of soap gifts!  Now that December has arrived along with some early snow and I thought I'd get my blog into a Christmassy mood and share these lovely photos of the Xmas display at Odds and Suds that they have posted on their Facebook page today.

How many shopping days until Xmas have I left?

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