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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Nuts about Beach Huts

I haven't made it down to the coast this summer. A hectic schedule and so-so weather has conspired to keep me home since my Yorkshire trip last month. One particular sight I love to see on a trip to the coast ia a row of jolly beach huts, like these I photographed in Southwold last summer.

When I was a child beach huts were rented or owned by very modest folk.   Nowadays beach huts in the posh Suffolk town of Southwold have been known to change hands for £40,000! Goodness, that practically buys you a house in some parts of the country!

When it comes to beach hut interiors a couple of deck chairs and a primus stove used to suffice but now they've gone all chi chi with with bunting and vintage bits and bobs. I could happily live in one of these... 

Owning a beach hut maybe beyond my reach but at least I can go down to the bottom of the garden to my only little hut!

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Do go and visit!


  1. Wow Louise! They are really nice, but soooo expensive! I can't believe it! Anyway your hut is fantastic ;)
    A big hug

  2. What great interiors. Thank you so much for sharing.
    - Joy

  3. Your little hut is sheer heaven...

    xo Jane

  4. Beautiful beach huts, Louise, but your place is great, so cosy !
    I see you have an old typewriter, I once had one and I gave it away, can you imagine, I regret it now :-(
    Enjoyed your post of the Scarecrow Festival.

  5. Thank you for all your lovely comments.
    @Sylvia. I've thought of getting rid of the typewriter - it takes up a lot of space and weighs a ton - but I think it's new location is perfect!

  6. Oh yes I know Watford well and have family in Borehamwood.

    I've never visited Holt but see you have a soft spot for Southwold, a lovely place and one of my favourite place around here, although on a recent visit there a few months ago some of my favourite shops had closed sadly, still its worth a visit just for the beach and beach huts alone.

    I love your little hut at the end of the garden I have a lovely old shed which would make a lovely hut but unfortunately its filled with stuff... thats the problem with living in a small house I suppose :) x

  7. What a GORGEOUS post! I love it!! I grew up in Brighton and I always loved looking at the beach huts along the promenade, wondering what was inside......I doubt they were anything like as gorgeous as these!!

    Your blog is lovely!! I've signed up to follow you.

    Thank you so much for linking up to my Summer Loving party.


  8. Utterly delightful blog post and great inspiration for my newly painted white shed :)
    Going to google+ you, best wishes for the future of your blog!

  9. I too love to be beside the's just lots farther for me to go!( I live in Idaho in the US.)We rented a large beach house on the coast of Oregon last summer for a reunion of all our children and grandchildren. It was the most fun ever!


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