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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Jane Packer

Two posts in one day, but I could not let the untimely death of Jane Packer go by without making my own tribute to the florist who sparked in me a new found love of floral arrangements. Jane changed the face of floristry across the globe with her ground breaking designs.

The announcement on her website says: 

"It is with deep sadness that we announce that Jane Packer has passed away. Jane had been fighting the consequences of the stroke that she suffered in February 2010, which has ultimately taken its toll.

Noted International florist and author, Jane championed the vision that flowers are as exciting as fashion and interior design, but entirely more accessible. Her passion for flowers and inspiration taken directly from nature has contributed in revolutionising the florticulture industry."

Jane Packer 1959 - 2011

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  1. Oh gosh, I didn't know she had died. I knew she had been very ill though. Thank you for this tribute - she was an absolute icon.


  2. She burned so brightly for such a short time.

    xo Jane

  3. Nice tribute, Louise, her works are amazing !
    I was shocked a bit, I'm born in the same year ...
    Nice weekend,

  4. It is more of a shock when someone of one's own age group dies. All the more reason to live every day to the full.

  5. So sad - what a great contribution she made - if only I coud make such a mark! Lovely photos and tribute. XOL

  6. We LOVED Jane Packer's work. She had such a marvellous eye for detail. Do you have any of her books?

    Jane Packer's At Home With Flowers is excellent, and written while she knew she was ill, so somehomw seems all the more special.

    The Relics Team

  7. So sad I worked with Jane when she was a consutant for M&S we went to all sorts of places for work, Paris..New York.... she was always fabulous, hard working and great fun,always on the look out to buy some nice treat for Lola or Rebbie... a beautiful kind girl and a lovely colleague
    Lynn xxxx

  8. I only just found out about Jane Packer passing today and came across your blog. So sad. Lovely tribute.

  9. What a sad loss of an inspirational woman. I met her at a trade exhibition (didn't think that the great Jane Packer would man her own stand), but there she was, explaining her design to me, so down to earth and clearly totally in love with what she did for a living.

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. So shocked!! I worked for Gary wallis as a apprentice (Mary) I constantly order Janes flowers to make my mum smile!!
    I feel so sad for Gary and what seemed like a lovely family!
    Much sympathy goes out to all three of you at this sad time and always!!


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