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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Kirsty Allsop

I met a soap maker a couple of years ago who was featured on the first Kirsty Makes programme. Naturally my first question was "what is she really like?" She responded that "what you see is what you get" - she's just like she is on the telly.

I was able to put that to the test last week when I saw Kirsty in person at the Country Living Christmas Fair.I got there early for Kirsty's session. The seats where already filling up an hour before she was due and by the time she arrived, 45 mins late, it was standing room only. Warm, funny and profusely apologetic, the crowd soon forgave her lateness as she answered questions from the audience for the next hour. Questions ranged from what make her shoes were through to the low down on Phil Spencer (he's pretty fastidious about his shirts apparently). 

Surprisingly self depreciating, I couldn't help but like her in a English head girl, jolly hockey sticks sort of way.



  1. Louise,
    How are you doing? Are you enjoying the Christmas season? I've never heard of Kirsty Allsop before, but sounds delightful.

    Enjoy the weekend, dear.


  2. Merry Christmas, Louise. I wish you peace and joy on this very special day.


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