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Friday, 23 July 2010

One Day - the perfect summer book

Welcome if you've linked to this page from 'The Books Cafe' . I have chosen One Day by David Nicholls as my recommendation for perfect summer reading. I have just read this along with members of my local book group and we discussed it when we met this week. It's rare that we read a book that we all absolutely love so this book has to be pretty special.

The book tells the story of Emma and Dexter who meet for the first time on the night of their University graduation - 15th July 1988. Where will they be on this day next year? And the next? This story of love, friendship and growing up spans 20 years, and is equally funny and sad. It is a wonderful book. It made me laugh and cry in equal measures - the characters are completely convincing.

Author Tony Parsons says about the book:  ‘A brilliant book about the heartbreaking gap between the way we were and the way we are."

I adored it - so will you.


  1. Hi Louise! I've found out your blog through Mara's one.. Thank you for your advice, I'll look for this book soon!
    I love the pictures of cottages and gardens you took during your travels ;)
    I'm your first follower!
    Hugs from Italy

  2. Hi dear Louise! thank you for having joined My Books Cafè! You're a darling!
    This book seems really interesting...I'm going to check it out, so thank you very much for your recomendation!!!
    Have a fantastic week end!

  3. Hi Mara and Paola.
    How lovely to hear from you both. You both have beautiful blogs - and impeccable English!
    Thank you Mara for introducing me to Jostein Gaarder. I have never read any of his work but I shall now seek it out. I think it would provoke much discussion and be an excellent choice for my book group.
    Enjoy your holiday Paola!

    Louise xx


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