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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Bushey Rose Garden

After years of neglect the once beautiful rose garden in the village has been restored to glory thanks to Lottery funding. The garden is historically important to the village and is in the English Heritage Register of gardens of special historic interest. It was originally created in 1913 by the famous landscape gardener Thomas Mawson. Before it was a garden the Victorian artist Hubert Von Herkomer ran an art school on the site. It was wonderful to see it brought back to life and local people enjoying the grounds once more. The new planting needs to mature and by next summer there should be a wonderful floral display. I couldn't be happier that this garden has been restored.

This beautiful seven foot bronze panel of Lululaund was designed by Herkomer and was originally in his nearby house of the same name (named after his wife Lulu). The original was stolen in 1967 so this is a replica. 


  1. Wow! It really deserves a visit! Maybe one day..I'll put it on my agenda ;)
    Hugs paola

  2. WOW! this garden is a place full of beauties!!!

  3. Thank you both. I feel very blessed to have such a beautiful garden just a few minutes from my front door.

    Louise xx


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