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Friday, 17 September 2010

Afternoon tea at the Grove Hotel

My mother was a remarkable 90 years old last week so to mark the occasion I treated her and my son to tea at the Grove, the swankiest hotel outside London. The hotel has the most amazing gardens...

The England national football team were guests at the hotel - their rooms are somewhere behind the hedge (below)!

And here is the grand lady herself. My tiny Mum and very tall son...and yes, that is a giraffe behind them!


  1. Are you sure that your Mum is 90??? What a nice Lady!! and what a nice place to celebrate the occasion!!

  2. It is hard to believe isn't it! She used to be a school teacher and worked well into her 70s - and road a scooter until she was 80!

    Louise x

  3. that is amazing! both age & riding a scooter!
    so glad yu could have this time away to celebrate in beauty ..


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