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Monday, 25 April 2011

Tulips and toothache

Apologies for my absence. Is starting a new job, having your kitchen gutted, and suffering from raging toothache (in the same week) a good enough excuse? Still, the kitchen is nearly complete (how can a tiny kitchen take so long, and more importanly cost sooo much) the sun has been shining on Blighty and we just had a lovely long weekend with more of the same due in three days time.

Easter is always a family time for me and my Mum, sisters, niece and I trotted off to Bushey Rose Gardens to enjoy the spring planting in the unseasonal hot sunshine. We loved the eye popping colours of the tulips.

My Mum and co ... we are not women to be parted from our handbags!

And finally this morning, the first opportunity I've had to lie in and luxuriate for ages.  It's lilac time (those precious two weeks) so the view from my bedroom window is a treat.

I hope you have all had a wonderful Easter break. 

Wedding? Did someone mention a wedding?


  1. Sorry to hear you had a toothache, Louise, that can be terrible, I know :-(
    What a beautiful garden, those tulips are gorgeous !
    Looks like you had a wonderful Easter time with your family !
    Wish you a nice week,

  2. Hi dear! I'm so sorry for your toothache, I know it can be terrible :(
    The pictures are so beautiful!!
    Have a nice week

  3. Thanks to you both. My purse will also be experiencing some pain too when my dentist gets to work! Hope your week is going well. xx

  4. So great to see tulips again! sigh, do we really have to wait till next year to see them again? Thanks for sharing at Cottage Flora Thursday's! xoox, tracie


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