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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Angel of the North

I've been 'oop north' with my son to see Bruce Springsteen in concert - Manchester and Sunderland - and managed to squeeze in a little sight seeing. On a rare sunny day in Newcastle we took a close look at the Angel of the North. She's a beauty!

(yup, that's me down in front)

As for Bruce, well, I got pretty close to him too ;-)


  1. Very envious of the Bruce concert! My sister went to Manchester and said he was amazing ... Angel of the North very impressive too! Xxx

  2. ah, good old Bruce must be knocking on a bit now!!

  3. He is a remarkable 62. Running around the stage for best part of 3.5 hours both nights. He just gets better with age - I wish I could say the same!

  4. Hi, Bruce was fab, I can imagine ( a real rocker).....
    Wearing, really well too,by your piccy!!
    I am from 'oop' North and must make a visit to see' The Angel of the North, as it looks amazing and soo large!
    Have a happy week...


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