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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Cottage of the year 2012

It's time again for the annual round up of the country cottages I've spied on my travels this year. The months of summer rain put a literal dampener on getting out and about but there are still some absolute corkers to feast your eyes on over a cuppa.

So put your feet up and indulge yourself in some of my favourite cosy cottages of 2013. 

An American contender...

and the winner is...

Taking photos of cottages when I'm out and about usually entails an iPhone and a quick snap so as not to alarm the inhabitants. This photo below is one example of a quick shot, unplanned, that just captured the rustic charm of this Suffolk village cottage perfectly and has been endlessly re-pinned on Pinterest and gets my personal vote for cottage of the year 2012.  Do you have a favourite?

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