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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Hitchen Lavender

What a shame it's not scratch and sniff. Took my Mum, 93 years young, out to Hitchin Lavender in Hertfordshire this afternoon. We came back with big bundles of Lavender that we cut ourselves. Really can't think of anything nicer to do on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

How do you like to spend summer Sundays?



  1. Oh Louise, what a nice outing at the lavender fields with your mom. I can't believe she's 93, she looks wonderful! The lavender fields are beautiful, and I would have taken a bunch home with me too. So glad you got to spend time with your mom. I really miss mine.

    That first picture is priceless. It is a picture to be framed.


    1. Thank you Sheri, you've given me an idea for her Birthday gift! I'm so aware time's running out. She doesn't get out much these days so I try and think of somewhere special to take her and she loved the lavender fields xx


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