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Friday, 20 September 2013

The house that time forgot

Have you ever seen an old house screened by shrubbery, unchanged by time and longed to see beyond the door? There's a house just like this a couple of streets away from my cottage that I've walked past so many times and longed to go inside and today I got the opportunity to do just that. What a treat! 

Some neighbours of mine have bought this beautiful 1840s house where the same family have lived for generations. Developers were keen to snap it up but the couple would only sell to a family who would love it just as they had. Isn't that lovely? So many old houses are being knocked down where I live and being replaced by blocks of flats it's quite heart breaking. The saving of this Victorian gem is so wonderful it made my heart sing!

The house needs a lot of work but I know will be developed sympathetically. I couldn't resist taking a few snaps before works start.It feels like every decade is represented in the decor. Layers of wallpaper, amazing paint colours, every type of floor covering.

Some beautiful original features remain intact - fireplaces, shutters, coving.

(No not an apparition - just my reflection!)

The house is magical. I was oohing and aahing in every room - I know you would too! The family are going to take into the next generation, breathe new life into it. I can't wait to see.



  1. oh my, what a great house, that pink sink!!!! interesting post title I just did one similar! haha!

    1. Great minds Claire ;-) I'll pop over and have a read x

  2. Louise,
    This old house is going to be a gem once it is fixed up. There are many great features in it - the fireplace and that wall hanging! I love brick homes, they are so charming to me. Glad you got to take a peek into this house, as you've been wanting to for some time. I hope you like your new neighbors.



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