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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Country Living

I love Country Living magazine don't you? January's UK edition features two wonderfully contrasting interiors.

The first is an all white Swedish home that has me positively drooling. What is it about an all white interior that makes me want to redecorate?

And in complete contrast this beautifully colourful and creative Welsh home.

Wonderful interiors to pour over. On these cold dark days what could be better than to curl up with by the fire with a cup of tea and a copy of Country Living.


  1. I am always waiting for my Country living issue! for me it's not before 25th of each month. Thank you for showing us.I will exactely do the same as you sit by the fire with a cup of tea and my country living, but i must wait... Catherine

  2. I used to buy this magazine, Louise, the interiors are always wonderful !
    Now I have other magazines, to many :-)
    Enjoy your tea and Country Living !
    Lovely wishes,

  3. There are so many magazines and I have deserted CL a few times but this edition has lured me back. Its snowing here so a great excuse to curl up with a copy! A great weekend to you both xx


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