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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Snow on snow

We have had such heavy snow that getting out and about has been impossible this weekend. Rather than battle against the elements the opportunity to stay cosy and warm at home has been irresistible.

I've had lots of fun wrapping my handmade soap for Christmas gifts. 
I think they've turned out rather well!

I did venture out today to take some pictures. Doesn't the snow make everything look magical? 
This is the view at the top of my road...

and down the lane...

and in the fields...

"Have you ever stood outside in the snow 
You'll soon notice 
That there isn't a more beautiful place to go 
You walk outside through those doors 
Anger is soon gone and hostility depletes 
And you're left with a winter wonderland 
All you hear is your thoughts in the snow 
Comfort and peace is all around you 
You walk out to the snow expecting just snow 
But you realize something you've never known"

the local girls school...

It was an invigorating walk, but how lovely to be back home again and into the warm. Add some twinkly lights, hot soup, and curl up by the fire - perfect.

I do hope your weekend has been just a lovely as mine.

1 comment:

  1. There is nothing better than returning home after a walk in the snow and sit near a fire with something hot to drink in the hands..
    Even here in Italy on TV they speak about exceptional snow in UK..
    Enjoy it!
    Hugs paola


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