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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Somethings cookin' in my kitchen

Actually somethings been cooking with Blogger this week when they deleted this post and your lovely comments grrrrrr! What I blogged has been lost so I'll just let the pictures tell the story of my new kitchen.


  1. What a gorgeous kitchen - I love the green colour scheme...we have the same taste, I think.

    I was originally from HH in Herts - I went to college in Watford, so it was great to see the Bushey rose garden in your other post...


  2. Wow Louise!! What a nice little kitchen you have! I love the colour you choose for the cabinets ;)
    I'm also thinking to buy a vintage-looking new fridge but like you I have some problems with the space..
    Good job!

  3. @Niki Thank you. The renovation of Bushey Rose Garden is wonderful. It was so neglected and vandalised before.
    @Paola We both have small but beautiful kitchens :-) The fridge is made by Gorenje

  4. Hello Louise,
    Due those problems with Blogger I missed this lovely post of yours ... beautiful flowers in your garden !
    You must be so pleased cooking in your new kitchen, it looks great and so cosy !
    Wish you a wonderful week,

  5. Hi Sylvia. Thank you. Yes I love the kitchen. I've saved for years to get what I really wanted. I think when you have to work and wait for something you appreciate is all the more.
    We have drought conditions here so keeping the garden looking good this summer is going to be a challenge.
    Louise x

  6. Absolutely gorgeous Louise, I love all the little touches. You're so right about having to wait making you appreciate it more. My kitchen is just ordered, cooker, hob and sink ordered today and I'm having so much fun picking out the little bits a bobs to go in it! I squealed when I saw you'd posted the old antique drainer that I spotted and fell in love with the other day!! Enjoy your beautiful new room & thanks for sharing it with us.


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