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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Cotswold cottages

I had heavenly day off work yesterday. I managed to resist the urge to just flop and do nothing and headed off in the car for a little jaunt to west Oxfordshire.  It was a chilly day (I've been taking the lovely sunny weather for granted) but the sight of pretty cottages in beautiful warm Cotswold stone made my heart sing.

One of these someone's going to come out of their house and say "oye, why are you taking pictures of my house ?" but in the meantime I snapped these beauties to share with you!

Pretty cottage garden borders make for a warm welcome.

Sometimes less in more. Isn't this unadorned house beautiful?

Some charming houses in the lovely town of Woodstock.

And of course some delightful shops.

The mark of a good English town is it's tea room!

A lovely day out I think you'll agree. Are you going somewhere nice for the bank holiday weekend?


  1. Hi Louise! I visited Cotswolds five years ago and it was one of the best places I had ever seen..
    I hope one day I can come back for another trip ;)
    Have a nice Sunday

  2. Hi Paola, Cotswold villages are so lovely aren't they. I visited Tuscany a few years ago and felt the same about the houses there - I must go back! Louise x

  3. I visted the Cotswolds a few years ago and loved it, think that it is about time we popped over for another visit :-)Merci beaucoup for reminding me how lovely it is!

    Leeann x

  4. I enjoyed your photos, Louise, so beautiful !
    We visited the Cotswolds several years ago and had a wonderful time there !
    I remember there was a cosy hotel where you could buy teddy bears.
    Wish you a nice week,


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