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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Mon armoire est arrive!

I'm joining Show Off Your Cottage Monday  over at lovely blog The House in the Roses today.

There is something incredibly decadent about getting a new piece of furniture. Something that hasn't been rescued out of a skip, or a flea market. Something brand new and more (substantially) than £50 and a paint job. Yes, my new armoire from Laura Ashley has arrived today. OK, it was in the sale and it does have a distressed finish, but it is so rare for me to get something brand spanking new. Oh it is gorgeous! Regarde tu (excuse me but I'm practising my French in anticipation of my trip to France next week)...

I've had such fun this afternoon deciding what to put where...


Putting things in, taking them out again...

And on top...

Lots of umming and ahhing over this...

Until everything was in it's new home (until I rearrange it again of course!)

J'aime beaucoup! I hope in time it becomes an heirloom to be handed down - a vintage of the future perhaps?


  1. Ooohhh it's gorgeous! Very jealous! :o) xx

  2. Louise,
    how gorgeous it that! It looks wonderful with all your things. Sometimes a new piece is just the right thing and your armoire is perfect! I had 2 years of French in High School, sorry to say it did not go well! The only thing I remeber how to say is "shut your mouth" I guess there are times that it could come in handy, but, so far I haven't had many opportunities to use it! Have a great trip!

  3. Thank you both. My French is limited to what I learnt in school days - although I have a few choice expressions in a number of languages!

  4. I like it!!! Piles of folded fabrics are the epitome of utter sophistication in my book. And yours look completely lovely.

    I'd love to follow your blog - I'm loving it - but I can't see your Followers gadget. Am I missing something?


  5. Aha...that's better ...all my problems are sorted out!! When I returned to your home page the gadget popped up (what's up with that?!!) and, better still, I see I already followed you the last visit I made here!!


  6. You have a lovely Blog and I found you on a happy day as you enjoy your NEW purchase. It is so pretty. I've read through some of your past post and f
    Enjoyed them all...Please stop by to say Hello sometime.

  7. This looks so great -- I love it!

  8. Oh, she is a beauty! I can see why you bought her. Found you via House in the Roses. Toodles, Kathryn

  9. I can see why you are excited about your little beauty, it is a beauty. love the way you have displayed everything too. xx jeanette ann


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