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Friday, 20 January 2012

Cath Kidston addict

I was in a prison the other day (for professional reasons I hasten to add) and the Governor pointed to my bag and said "Is that Cath Kidston?" Is no one immune to the Kidston empire? I remember a time when nobody had heard of CK. She had just one tiny shop in Notting Hill. I bought my rose pattern bedroom wallpaper there when I first moved into my cottage nearly 13 years ago and was served by Cath herself - I told her I'd bought my cottage just so I could decorate with her wallpaper!

I've tried to wean myself off Cath overdosing with little success. There's definitely an Olympics influence in her new range. Look at these lovely new additions. 

I so want this bag!

Are you a Cath addict too?


  1. I'm not an addict, Louise, but these new items are really lovely !
    Do hope you can have that bag some day :-)
    Enjoy the weekend,

  2. No I think that Ck has overloaded, however I do own a number of her bags, oilcloth messengers, but if i could find them in a less popular fabric I would prefer it.
    T x

  3. I think its her bags that I'm addicted to. I have 5 - they last for ever.

  4. My mum sent me a Cath Kidson tote and my daughter a pretty CK ballet bag for Christmas. I love her stuff and it's not that easy to find here in Australia. (which is probably not too bad a thing otherwise I too would probably become a bit f an addict too!

  5. I always think it's the most annoying thing when I stumble across something amazing...and suddenly everyone's loving were a CK flag-flyer - you trendy thing, you!¬


  6. I've seen Cath Kidston items around on other blogs. Is she popular in London? The blue bag is so pretty...would love to have that. She has alot of unique things. Have a nice weekend.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley


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