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Monday, 2 January 2012

Cottage of the year 2011

A special welcome to visitors from Post of the Month Club

Who doesn't go weak at the knees at the sight of a cosy English cottage? Those who have been following me for some time will know that I can't resist taking snaps of pretty rural homes I find on my travels across the country. Peering over hedges, peeking through fences - nothing stops me in my quest to bring you pictures of the perfect English cottage! 
It's hard to describe what makes the perfect cottage - it's something that pulls at the heart strings, that little sigh when you first spot it.

I couldn't resist the opportunity to show again some of the cottages that tugged at my heart strings this year. Here is my top five contenders for cottage of the year 2011.


Proving that small is beautiful, this tiny fisherman's cottage just a stones throw from the sea at Whitstable caught my eye. 


The pretty Cambridgeshire village of Lode was simply groaning with the most beautiful properties. This thatch framed with hollyhocks was just picture perfect.


Still in Lode and another pretty thatch - the paint work was heavenly. It also had the most amazing garden.


The Cotswolds has an abundance of beautiful cottages it's so hard to chose. This simple and unadorned house was just stunning, the architectural detail quite wonderful.


It's back to the village of Lode for my number one cottage of 2011. The little winding path up to this cottage gave tantalising glimpses of this utterly charming home.

Nestled in the prettiest of gardens with hens on the lawn it was irresistable!

So there you have it. My top 5 cottages of 2011. 

Do you have a favourite?

I can't wait to discover more beautiful cottages in 2012!


  1. Oh these cottages definitely tug at your heart strings. How lovely. I can't pick a favourite ~ I love them all ;-)

  2. Oh my goodness, I love each one! The ones that capture my heart are the charming ones surrounded by flowers and unique surprises like the deep blue shutters.

  3. Louise,
    Oh my goodness, they are all so gorgeous! What a hard choice, but I think my fave is the same as yours! Icould live in any of them!
    Happy (belated) New Years!

  4. Lode, definitely. The garden is so wild yet elegant and the house with those top windows to peek out at the rain is so cosy.

  5. Oh, how completely gorgeous. Now, if only my lawn would look as lovely as that!!


  6. They are all so beautiful, but I love those of The Cotswolds. I've been there years ago and I had a wonderful time, so cosy and at night we could hear 'the silence' !
    Wish you a wonderful year, Louise !

  7. i would love my own little cottage but it owuld have to have a lot of land for Mr D's garages and work shops! ( and a summer house for me?!)
    Your giveaway prize will be posted tomorrow...sorry for delay, hope you love it! :)

  8. I can't pick just one....I love them all!

  9. Fab choices...what I wouldn't do to be able to cruise around the ENglish countryside.
    Thanks for your visit...I so love it when I see your name in my contacts. au joyous happy and bountiful new year to you.

  10. Aren't we lucky in England to have such a plethora of amazing houses to admire. The ones you've picked out are so beautiful. Thank you.

    Happy New Year!
    The Relics Team

  11. I always receive such lovely comments whenever I post about cottages - I'm so glad I'm not alone in being so dotty about them! I'm on a mission for more cottagy posts in 2012.

  12. oh my goodness...I am in love with number 3. Look at the gardens in all of! Thanks for sharing!

  13. oh so beautiful-i would happily move from africa and live in one of those forever!

  14. Lovely! And thanks for the special welcome - I'm visiting from Post of the Month Club -! I love the third cottage, but I agree with you the last cottage is number one in my heart too!

  15. BEAUTIFUL! I love the house in #1 and the garden in #3!

  16. We recently moved to the Cotswolds and I have been surprised by how cozy and inviting all the stone cottages can be -- not at all cold and grim. And there's something about moss growing on a stone roof I find irresistible! =)

  17. I'd heard about the show, Educating Essex. However, I don't watch publicTV. I know, weird, right?

    But if it's online, like on 4oD, then I'm all over it like white on rice.

    Thanks for the recommendation!

  18. Hello. I am new to your blog. You have won my heart with the beautiful English cottages. I am a misplaced English soul. My family heritage dates back to the Mayflower, so I am a Brit deep in my soul but I am stuck in the northern plains of Colorado USA. I have traveled to England twice and hoping for a third trip before I am too old to travel. I fell in love with England. We traveled through the Cotswolds on a tour bus, now I want to wander through on my own. I'll be back--to your blog--for sure.

  19. Good to have you here Ann. I blog a lot about places in the UK I visit, particularly during the warmer months. I always take a camera to make sure I capture all the lovely old houses we are so lucky to have and their pretty gardens.

  20. All so charming! I love all of them. I have to smile, wondering if the owners know they made the list. In a previous home we owned, a woman told me she walked by my house daily, admiring the chimney. I had never even noticed it. Thank you for joining Post Of The Month Club - it is great to have you there! XOL

  21. I have always loved English Cottages. I sometimes dream of living in one someday. Popping over from the Happy Homemaker Post of the Month Club.


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