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Thursday, 31 May 2012

London today

Looked fabulous!  

Union jacks are flying on Oxford Street

...and Regent Street

Iconic and beautiful ... brought an unexpected patriotic tear to my eye

The Jubilee celebrations are nearly here!

(Do you have plans?)


  1. American TV will do a fine job of covering all of the activities, but I think I'd like to be there in person. I do know that my blog friends in the UK will share their adventures.

    1. There'll be Jubilee blogs galore I'm sure Ann

  2. Certainly do, I will settle down in front of the telly and won't miss a thing. I have posted my Diamond Jubilee post on my blog, in anticipation. I am English born and bred,(live in Australia now) love everything British especially all the pageantry. Hope you have a lovely time. xx

    1. You can take the girl of England.... lovely post on your blog


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