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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Fall in Cape Cod

Is it really a month already since I was in Cape Cod? It was a little early for Fall colour but       roadside 'pumpkin farms' were piled up with all types of squash and house porches were beautifully decorated to welcome in the change of season. After a wonderfully hedonistic time in New York it was about as perfect as life gets to take the train that hugs the Connecticut coast rambling through lovely old towns like Stamford and Bridgeport. The pretty coastal scenery that litters the journey wets the appetite for Cape Cod itself.

I picked up a car at Providence and drove out to Cape Cod and onto scenic Route 6A that ambles along the north of the Cape. It was late afternoon and the early Autumn sun made the beautiful clapperboard houses that line the route glow. Every twist and turn I sighed and squealed with delight - I was in Martha Stewart heaven!      

The route is littered with antique stores. This one was closed even though stock was left out front. Like stepping back in time.

I couldn't resist stopping to explore Brewster's Store. A wonderful trip back to bygone days.

Of course it wouldn't be Cape Cod without seeing some lighthouses; this one was at Harwich Point. 

"Yer gonna need a bigger boat!" 

Couldn't hep but think of the line from one of my favourite films Jaws when admiring the lovely little ports that are dotted around the island.

And those windswept beaches left me wistful and happy - I sat here on my last day just to drink in scenery that I had longed to see for years. It is a beautiful as I had imagined - bliss!

I have travelled all over America and seen some wonderful sights but I felt so lucky those all too short days I spent in Cape Cod to have visited a place that many others have only dreamed of. 

The train journey back was to savour. After warm autumn sun the heavens opened and Amtrak did a sterling job of getting us through a flooded Stamford station. Arriving back at Penn Station and the shock of being back into the real world - but what wonderful memories I have.


  1. I LOVE LOVE how you showed the two different filters of the same photo! My dream is to go to Williamsburg one day for Thanksgiving, where they dress up in period costume. So fun to see my country through your eyes. Looks like an amazing trip, Louise!

  2. I'm enjoying your lovely photos, Louise,
    looks like you had a wonderful time !
    Nice week,


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