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Monday, 29 July 2013


Like me you've probably seen the pretty Irish Avoca clothing range in John Lewis but maybe not realised that they also do homeware too, which is just as pretty. I was in Belfast last weekend and spotted an Avoca store there so couldn't resist a look inside. 

My son was with me on this trip. The poor boy has had to haul back bags full of Anthropologie goodies from US trips for me in the days before they had stores here in the UK. He sighed as we walked through the doors of Avoca, "do they ship?" ...

Yes if you love Anthro you will adore Avoca! Here's a few pics to give you an idea.

Upstairs there is a beautiful cafe where you can indulge in a slice of '15' - a yummy Irish delicacy!

We wondered why it was called 15. The recipe tells it all!

15 digestive biscuits, crushed
15 walnuts, finely chopped
15 glace cherries, chopped
15 coloured marshmallows, chopped
1/2 can sweetened condensed milk (a bit more, if necessary)
3/4 cup desiccated coconut

1  Mix the first four ingredients.
2  Add enough condensed milk to bring all the ingredients into a ball.
3  Divide the ball into two and make two sausage like rolls.
4  Scatter half the quantity of dessicated coconut on the worktop.
5  Roll one'sausage' over it to coat well.
6  Scatter the remaining half and roll the other'sausage' as well.
7  Place 'sausages' on a tray and refrigerate until firm- about 2 hours.
8  Cut into 1/2 inch discs.
9 *Note:Can be made in large quantities and kept refrigerated in zip lock bags.
10  Lasts for weeks.



  1. I'd never come out of that shop! On one of our trips over to Ireland we went on a tour of the mill in Avoca and enjoyed the shop there so much. I have a beautiful scarf as a reminder. Would love to be able to see it again. Thanks for the beautiful photos.

    1. We drove past Avoca on route from Cork to Belfast but as we were on a bus I couldn't really ask the driver to pull in! I'll have to go back.

    2. I'm thinking that Avoca is also where Ballykissangel was filmed? And I so enjoyed that show.

    3. So it is - I've never made that connection. I loved the show too.

  2. Avoca does a wonderful display job. Most appealing.

  3. Well '15' is a new one on me, what a great cake.

  4. Oh my, all those gorgeous things !
    And that cake looks delicious :-)
    Nice week,

  5. Louise,
    I would love to go shopping in this store!! It has so many unique and great things. Yes, Anthropologie is one of my favorites too. The pink section really caught my eye.

    Have a good afternoon.



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