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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Newmarket Antiques Fair

I haven't been to an big antiques fair for simply ages so today I drove 60 miles to Newmarket Race Course for their antique fair. It was a beautiful sunny but very chilly day so I didn't linger too long at the outside stalls - with over 200 sellers there was plenty indoors to browse.  One of the reasons I haven't been to a fair for so long is quite simply I have too much stuff already there's little space at home for anything new!

Most of the stalls were inside the impressive main stand. While there were lots of lovely things to buy rather disappointedly there was not much in the way of vintage style. But even so I didn't come home empty handed (as if)!

This pretty little tin caught my eye. First purchase of the day -  I think its a tea caddy what do you think?

And then I came across this lilac adorned jug. Well I had to take it back home didn't I!

My final purchase was this beautiful art deco mirror. I've been collecting them for many years and I ummed and aahed about whether to buy it. I love green glass and in the end I just couldn't leave without it. 

So home again and where to put my new goodies? What nook and cranny hasn't been filled? Well that's what makes it so much fun isn't it! 

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