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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Save our front gardens

I live in a quiet tucked away little road in a row of old cottages. My front garden is tiny but I pack it with plants and tubs - people often stop to look at it which I think is lovely. Of course my little garden has to accommodate the inevitable wheely bin. Two bins in fact and two more recyling boxes are hidden under the lilac tree - the're an eyesore but when you are in a terrace you have no choice. Can you remember which one goes out for collection on which day? I know I can't!

Over the years I have lived here more and more neighbours have taken to getting rid off the flora and fauna in their front gardens for the sake of convenience and replaced them with gravel, slates and heaven forbid one neighbour has put down astro turf. Can you imagine a pretty Victorian cottage with plastic grass? Shudder!

So when I do see a pretty front garden I want to knock on their door and thank them for making the effort. One such house I saw on my travels last week stopped me in my tracks. I was driving through the village of Waddesdon (home of the Rothschild owned Waddesdon Manor) when a beautiful cottage garden caught my eye and I just had to stop and admire.

Lovely isn't it? It really made my day better for seeing it. We need to cherish these gardens while they are still here to enjoy and encourage our neighbours to get planting once more. Here's a few beautiful front gardens..

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  1. Really beautiful, Louise, I love cottage gardens !
    Have a wonderful weekend,


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