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Friday, 17 June 2011

Vintage Queen

I think it's OK to call the Queen vintage. She's been on the throne all my life (and I'm approaching a vintage age myself). Just as with all those vintage items we all love where once to be found in every 1950s home, it's only now that I am starting to really appreciate the Queens unique sense of style. OK, there is still the odd canary yellow outfit like we saw at the Wedding but she is rocking some great outfits of late (see Her Majesty the Fashionista) . Yesterday at Epsom Races for example.

Ladies Day at Epsom always produces some eye popping fashion, not all of it in a good way.

Of course it always rains. These gals look super don't they?

... and it's all about the hats (isn't this pretty?)

Then of course there was Her Maj herself in another wonderful on trend colour block outfit. Isn't it a wonderful colour?

She may be vintage in years but her outfits somehow seem just right for a modern age. Now I wonder. Does she (like the rest of us) swap it for comfy sweat pants when she gets home, feet up with a nice cup of tea?


  1. I agree, she always looks so nice! Too bad the U.S. first lady doesn't have a decent sense of style!

  2. I rather liked her cardigans. Jackie O must be a very hard act to follow for all first ladies.


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