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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Waddesdon Garden Centre

I think it all started when gardens started being called 'garden rooms'. Plants now have to wrestle for space in the local garden centre with barbeque sets, books, home made fudge, scented candles and soft furnishings, pretty much anything to do with the home you can think of. The quality and quantity of plants seems to deteriorated and I find I have to travel further to seek out proper nurseries if I want something other than the run of the mill.

Driving through Waddesdon in Buckinghamshire last week I remembered that there is a garden centre there. I needed a bag of compost so I thought I would just pop in and grab some. Let me confess right away that my purse was significantly lighter when I left 2 hours later. Well au contraire - I was completely seduced by the gorgeous home and garden products on display. I even bought a couple of scarves for birthday gifts! It's more of a lifestyle centre than a garden centre, but a life I can happily buy into. If Waitrose opened garden centres they would look like this.

There is an excellent selection of plants at the centre and beautifully displayed as you can see...

But with such super home and garden accessories prettily displayed you can see why I was so tempted...

It was so devine I had to drag myself away and get on with my journey... but I'll be back.


  1. Hello There, “met” you via Jackie at Home....I like alot of the stuff you do and you seem very cool and interesting. I’m all about garden too. Love your style...

  2. Hello Louise,
    That looks like a nice garden centre, beautiful decoration too !
    Enjoy your weekend,


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