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Monday, 18 July 2011

Bunting is the new cupcakes

Bunting is the new cupcakes according to an article in The Guardian recently Bunting: the new cupcakes

Well I don't know about you but I've been a fan of the bunting revival for some time. Village fetes, street parties, sports days - it's nostalgia on a string.

I've just made some new pretty double sided bunting for my Etsy shop loveandlilac - here's how I made it.

You will need:

Scissors, card, pencil, assorted fabric sufficient for 18 double sided flags, 3.5 metres of 18mm bias binding, pins, thread.

First cut your pattern from the card. The top should be 13cm wide and the two sides 18cm.

Choose your fabric - 100% cotton work best. You can alternate a several colours/patterns, have a random mix, or a particular theme. I have used some assorted Cath Kidston fabric here. 

Lay the card on your material and mark round with a white coloured pencil.  Alternating the card position so triangles touch each other to make best use of your fabric. Cut out 36 flags. I'm generous with the amount of flags I use but you can use less and space further apart.

Take two pieces of fabric and place with right sides facing each other. Pin and then sew along both long sides. Start at the wide end and sew down to the point. With needle left in turn fabric and sew back up other side. Leave top open.

Cut off the end of each point (avoid cutting through stitching) to avoid bulk and create a good point when you turn you flags right side out. With right side facing out fold and pin your binding over open end of flag. Space flags in your preferred order with approximately 9cm  between each flag. Allow 40cm of binding at each end to make the ties.

Sew along the binding as close to the edge as possible, ensuring that both sides of fabric are sewn into the binding. At the last flag continue to sew in the same manner to the end of the binding. Press with warm iron.

Et viola!   

Pretty bunting! 

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  1. You've made pretty bunting, Louise, beautiful fabric !
    I didn't know it's so popular these days.
    Wish you a nice week,

  2. When I see bunting I love I wonder if I've left it too late.

    Apparently not!

    A bunting we shall go.

    xo jane

  3. Your bunting is gorgeous! I must make some more to put up, have a great week

  4. Hi dear! I love bunting!!! You did a grat job a this tutorial is very clear. Unfortunately here in Italy we don't have any Kath Kidston shop :(
    A big hug

  5. Thanks one and all. What we need now is some bunting weather - it's so wet and grey here!


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