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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Container colour

Early every May I go to the garden centre and spend indecent amounts of cash on bedding for my containers but I am richly rewarded come July.

The front door is looking extra welcoming...

Pots and urns and interest and colour to the border

And the patio pots are in full bloom

What a wonderful time of the year. 
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


  1. The flower's look wonderful, love the colours. Sadly every time something flowers in the garden the twins snap it off to bring it to me! They mean well but it leaves me with a rather sorry looking garden!

  2. All those flowers are gorgeous, Louise !
    Love the hearts at your front door and that hanging basket is so beautiful !
    Lovely pots and ornaments !
    Yesterday we had a wonderful sunny day, today it's raining again :-(

  3. Your fuchsia is just glorious !! And I've never thought of white geraniums- All so bright & very nicely done !!

  4. Thank you for your lovely comments. It takes me several weekends to plant them up each spring but when people stop and admire it's always worthwhile.
    @Amanda - my garden is very much single woman's garden, although I have lots invaders of the 4 legged kind!

  5. WHAT AN ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS GARDEN! Is that here in the US, or Europe? Reminds me of some of the front doors in Amsterdam.

    Happy SOYCM!

  6. Hi Louise,
    Beautiful garden! I love your door way and the brick around your door. I have always wanted a brick house. Your planters add so much charm and beauty to your doorway.
    I am visiting you from Cielo's. I have become your newest follower..
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  7. Hi Elizabeth and welcome. Thank you for you kind comments. Louise x

  8. Hi Marie. Thank you. I live in Hertfordshire, England and have tried to create a typical cottage garden. Louise x

  9. Hi, what a lovely garden you have there. You front door looks welcoming indeed.


  10. What lovely flowers! Your door is very welcoming and I love your patio!


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