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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Fall in love with Autumn red

I'm joining the lovely Sarah at Modern Country Style today for her Fall In Love Link Party!

When I gaze out of my London office window I can see a group of trees squeezed between the roof tops that are turning the most delicious shade of deep red.

And did you know that the vibrant shades of autumn red are so fashionable this year? Well, who could fail to be seduced by such gorgeousness? 

All the stars are wearing it

 Just like those red autumn leaves you can't help but stand out from the crowd in a red frock

Or when you wear a red coat on a grey autumn day

 Of course Bette new the power of a bright red slick of lipstick

While a splash of red brings glamour to a neutral bathroom

To celebrate autumn red in my own garden

... I've added a little touch of red gingham to the front door!

They say you can't improve on nature but you can take a (red) leaf out of its book!

It's definitely the colour of the season

Have you fallen in love with Autumn red?


  1. It's so lovely!!!

  2. What a beautiful post! I love red....its my favorite color and so of course fall is also my favorite time of year with all the amazing color.
    The red jacket is so pretty, I love it...Do you know what designer its from?.

    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  3. The jacket is from Anthropologie Elizabeth - I love it too x

  4. Oh, lovely, lovely, lovely! The reed is gorgeous in every one of these posts.

    And isn't that we we all wear to make bunting?!!

    Thank you so much for linking up to my Fall In Love party.


  5. I agree - gorgeous pics!!! I love the color red as well! Beautiful post :-)

  6. I LOVE that coat! And I love how everyone is representing fall in a different way in blogland right now - your interpretation is broad with a theme - fabulous. Red is so wonderful this time of year :) XOL

  7. LOve the coat and love red clothes. Nice pics and post x

  8. Lovely post, Louise, so beautiful that
    Autumn red !
    Really love the first photo, gorgeous !
    Nice day,

  9. I could not stay away from the red in your thumbnail! The dress on the left which is worn by the girl from Vampire Diaries (I think...) is by far my favourite, so tailored and glamorous!

    I like the fact you've celebrated the colour red, such beauty it gives to autumn - When everything else dulls, out comes the red!

    People shy from bright colours but I can't help but love them!

    Lizzy x

  10. Lovely post! I just love warm red hues, especially at this time of year! Just popping in via Laura's post of the month club.

  11. Even the second read around, this is a great inspiring red-a-licious post! Thank you for joining Post Of The Month Club - it's great to have you here :) XOLaura

  12. Oh yes, most definitely. I love red, but I am really loving it at the moment. Lovely post and lovely trees! Have a happy day, love Linda x

  13. Ahhh red! Love this post:) Barefoot Mama

  14. I am loving red right now. Popping over from Post Of The Month Club


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