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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Nights draw in and thoughts turn to bathrooms

Is it just me or does anyone else out there dread the nights drawing in? Did you know dark nights get longer by 5 minutes per day after the summer solstice? Getting up in the dark, grey skies, battling the elements to do the daily London commute -  ugh. One way to overcome the winter blahs is to have a project on the go.

My first little project is done. I bought some lovely silk when I was in Hebden Bridge during the summer and I have finally got round to making them up into curtains for the sitting room. I think they look rather gorgeous even if I do say so myself!

Another project to cheer up the grey months ahead is to have a fitted cupboards made to hide all the TV/DVD gubbins by the sitting room fireplace. Progress admittedly is slow - but at least I sourced the perfect little cupboard door knob while in France!

But a much bigger project beckons. I'm dreaming bathrooms right now. Well, actually they occupy much of my waking thoughts too.  A year ago I was kitchen obsessing, and now my new kitchen is done, I'm transferring my fixation to finally getting shot of the hideous pink bathroom suite I inherited when I moved into my cottage 12 years ago.

Actually, many visitors to my bathroom comment on how pretty it is and I feel compelled to point out it's many than less than charming features (is it just me who does this sort of self depreciating thing?). 

In here lurks a pink bath - it's days are numbered...

I think this is a very dreamy bathroom don't you?

What about these?

So many decisions to be made (and money to save). I'll keep you posted on progress.

Finally, one project that will have to wait until spring .... a gift from my sons trip to Nashville. Cute huh?

Have a wonderful week xx


  1. good timing. I finally have to do something with my 1922 bathroom (3rd floor, most likely for the staff) The toilet is shot, but I would like to keep the tub and the sink. Will follow your progress!

  2. Short days and long nights are not my favorite either. i think you're right about keeping a project going. Great idea!

  3. After the heat of Summer here, I look forward to nestling down with a cosy fire, but then I am retired and can now snuggle down under the doona for an extra hour. Although we are just into Spring here so we are enjoying the daylight saving. I love the blue bathroom. xx

  4. Oh, I'm already missing Summer, Louise !
    That door knob is gorgeous !
    Beautiful bathrooms, wouldn't know what to choose ...
    Wish you a nice week,

  5. Louise,
    Amazing bathrooms! I'd love to have any one of them, very inspiring! Thanks for the sweet comment about my daughter!
    BTW, I've given you the Versatile Blogger award, check out my post, Wed, Oct 19 for instructiions! I'd love for you to let me know when you post about it, I'd love to learn some new things about you!

  6. I envy you your lie in Jeanette - I have 18 months to go before I can retire and I'm starting to fantasise about turning over and going back to sleep!

    @ Rebecca - an award? Oh how super! I'm coming over to find out more!


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