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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Hebe emerald green

A change of season is a great excuse for a new look. I found these lovely little Hebe Emerald Greens in the garden centre this week. They are evergreen and I think they make an excellent alternative to box. I've put them in my window box for a simple elegant look.

... and by the front door

There's something very soothing about all green gardens

Although I couldn't resist adding a splash of red with these vibrant coloured cyclamen!

Meanwhile in the back garden. What a difference...

... a few weeks makes!

Sedums are unbeatable for autumn colour aren't they?

Have a great week xx


  1. ooooh everything looks gorgeously fresh. Have a happy week x

  2. Such a beautiful green, Louise !
    The red accents are lovely too and I love Sedums !
    Nice evening,

  3. your garden looks fab. i need to do my window boxes again. i'm thinking winter pansies :)

  4. thank you sweet angel for your visit and kind comment. you are a rare treasure.

  5. Just coming by and to greet a wonderful w/end to you and your family...

    D´Box adore your garden....

    Happy TS...

  6. Louise,
    Green is my favorite and Ilove everything you showed! Your garden is amazing! My thumb is definitely NOT green!


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