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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Christmas is cancelled

Well no not really, but do you remember that scene from BBC TVs The Good Life (if you're under 40 you might want to skip to the photos at this point) when Harrods failed to deliver Margo's Christmas food order? "Christmas is cancelled" declared Margo. I have to confess my own Christmas delivery from Waitrose is due tonight. 

Is it just me that gets a tinge of envy when I read all those wonderful homemakers that blog about their baking and hand made decorations? With the hours I work in the city all those warm and fuzzy Christmas preparations are the thing of dreams.

I did throw some decorations on the mantlepiece last night. Five minutes - that decorations sorted!

How great it would be to do a Barbara with crafty homemade Christmas crackers and good will to all men and all that. Ah well, this year I will do a Margo with Christmas delivered on the back of a van.

Classic Barbara and Margo. Enjoy this clip from my all time favourite sitcom - The Good Life Christmas Special 1977


  1. Louise,you will one day have all the time in the world to bake and cook. It matters not that you order in your goodies. The main thing is to enjoy your holiday break without the stress of all the cooking. Merry Christmas and a safe and Healthy New year xx jeanetteann

  2. i watched Kirstie Alsopp last night doing all her crafty christmas stuff, even though i love her i cant help thinking it's all a bit fake no?
    PS I'm sorry i havent posted your giveaway prize yet! It will be on its way to you next week. Something to look forward to :)x

  3. I do remember this sitcom :-)
    With or without homemade crackers, Louise, I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas time !

  4. Louise,
    whatever we can do to make Christmas fun and stessfree is what it's about to me! I didn't bake this year either, bake and slice cookies are in the plan for us! If you get a chance, stop by tomorrow and see my extra special early Christmas present! PS. Your mantel looks fab!
    Merry Christmas


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