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Friday, 30 December 2011

Elves wanted - apply within

I don't know about you but Christmas seems to have gone in a flash which is a pity because  I could do with some help with some of Santa's elves right now! I am in frantic preparations for the setting up of my new shop at Battlers Green Farm next month.

It's been such fun sourcing inexpensive shelving and small pieces of furniture to display my products. I went to Sawbridgeworth yesterday to try and find something suitable. If you think you may have heard of Sawbridgeworth before it's famous for two things. It's the English residence of our very own Posh and Becks - Beckingham Palace is just visible from the road into this little town on the outskirst of Harlow. It's also well known by antique buyers for its huge antique stores located in old riverside buildings.

One of my best buys however has been this wooden shelf which is now being painted and distressed. A bargain from TK Maxx of all places! 

But the most fun of all has been discovering the art of decoupage on wood. Boy, what you can create with wood shapes, magazine scraps, and Mod Podge!

I love the effect of paint sponged around the edging for a great time-worn look.

2012 is going to be such a creatively fulfilling year - I can't wait to get going!


  1. Hi dear! I wish you a happy, healthy and creative 2012!

  2. Hello and thanks for your visit and comment. I have actually been to that town and those shops! Bought many an item there...all the very best in your new endeavour...big hugs and happy new year... Here's to us old ladies kicking ass!


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