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Monday, 5 December 2011

What the best dressed door is wearing

Welcome to everyone visiting from House in the Roses Show Off Your Cottage Monday  and  My Romantic Home Show and tell Friday

I love a well dressed door at Christmas don't you? I've been using the same wreath for the last 10 years. Every year it sheds a few more berries so I top it up with whatever comes to hand and it's good to go for another year!

I resist the urge to go OTT. I like to keep it simple like these lovely welcoming doors...

I love simple hearts for a country look.

A warm welcome from my own front door!

I can't believe Christmas is less than 3 weeks away can you?!


  1. Belle le tue corone alla porta!Anch'io non ci posso credere che Natale sta arrivando presto,troppo presto,non voglio che finisce,questo è un periodo magico!Rosetta

  2. The doors all look lovely, I'm just finishing attaching a few baubles to the wreath before I hang it on the door. The heart on your door is a lovely addition.

  3. NOooooooooo not 3 weeks I need a little more time:)

    xo jane

  4. These wreaths are all beautiful, Louise, yours too, I love the red tones !
    I'll start decorating my Christmas tree tomorrow :-)
    Nice week,

  5. Louise,
    love the simplicity of the doors and yours is lovely, I love all the red elements you have in yours! It's going by to fast, please make it slow down! LOL!

  6. Yes the run up to Christmas seems to be hurtling by now doesn't it! I look at other blogs and everyone seems so organised!

  7. fantastic decorations! Love your blog! Merry Christmas!


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