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Sunday, 30 September 2012

American retro

I'm back! Jetlagged but inspired after a wonderful trip to the east coast of America. More on my adventures in further posts - but  for now how about some eye popping, colourful vintage and retro beautifully displayed that I spotted in New Jersey and Cape Cod? I wanted it all but alas could not squeeze it into my suitcase!

Make yourself a cup of tea, put your feet up and feast your eyes on some US vintage gorgeousness (don't forget to click on the photo for a larger version). Love, love, love ...

Are you swooning yet? Here's some more...

OK. So if you could choose just one thing what would you pick?


  1. Yaaaaay! Welcome back! It looks as though you had a great time! What awesome photos - looking forward to hearing all about it in person. ;-)


  2. Hi Louise,
    Great pics.
    What a fabulous array of vintage goodies.
    I love the metal lockers and cabinets.
    Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.
    Have a lovely day,
    Liz x

  3. Hi Louise,

    What great photos, your blog looks great and I'm glad to find someone as cottage-obsessed as I am! See you on Tuesday!


  4. Wow what a trip! Looks amazing, have you shipped a container back? I couldn't possibly choose, want it all!
    Wanted to say how great it was to meet you are an amazing lady, I doff my cap!
    Love Sarah -x-

  5. All so much fun, i especially love the rocking horse. Catherine x

  6. Oh my goodness - is that a milkshake machine - double swoon!!! Looks like you saw some amazing things.
    best wishes,
    Paula x
    p.s. Sorry not to have met you 'in person' at the Bloggers tea - hopefully next time!


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