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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Holiday USA

I'm off to NY this Sunday for my US big birthday trip and I'll be reporting back on my adventures next month.

I'm going to be spending some time here...

Pretty Ocean Grove NJ

A side trip to the town of Lambertville and its many vintage shops is planned, like this...

And this...

I'm going to need a bigger suitcase!

And then it's on to NY city where were are staying in this Tribecca loft (ooh get you)!

Nice huh?

While we're there (my son and me) we'll be taking in a couple of shows by this fella...

Oh how do I love Bruce - let me count the ways!

And finally a few days, to rest and recover (and some vintage shopping of course), here...

Cape Cod

It's going to be fab and I'll tell you all about it on my return xxx


  1. OMG how great!!! I'm off to NYC on 22nd, i cannot wait, going to find vintage laces to, your trip sounds like so much fun, those shops look like heaven!!

  2. Well if I bump into you in a NY vintage store ... it's mine, I saw it first!

    Have a blast Claire, I know I intend to!

  3. What a fantastic time you are going to have and the weather should be beautiful.

    Enjoy Bruce!

    xo jane

    1. Thanks Jane. I'm hoping to see some fall colour when I go north.

  4. Oh, Louise, how exciting !
    Wish you a wonderful time, enjoy !
    Nice evening,

  5. Wow! This is pretty much my dream trip! Cant wait to live it vicariously through your photos, have an amazing time! Xx

  6. This sounds like a wonderful trip.
    Hope you have a fabulous time. I always feel energised after visiting the States, dont you?
    Happy days.

    1. Absolutely, I always come back inspired!

  7. Happy Birthday, Louise! Those shops look like so much fun. Look like a fantastic trip!!

    We are thrilled that you'll be able to join us for 'Blogger's Tea' - yea! Can you email me so I can give you more details? Looking forward to it ;) XoLaura

  8. OH MY GOODNESS!! That sounds like the best trip - EVER!
    Have a wonderful time (what an amazing apartment - how could you not?) and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    Looking forward to hearing all about it,
    Best wishes,
    Paula xx

  9. You're going to the bloggers tea? Me too!!! Yayyyyy! I am so excited.

    I hope you are having the best time ever over there...and look forward to hearing all about it - in person!


  10. I hope you had a wonderful time and a fabulous birthday in New York! NYC is one of my most favorite places and I'm excited to go back in November! Hopefully, you were able to see some of the leaves changes as autumn is such a beautiful time to be there.

    Looking forward to meeting you at the blogger's tea on Tuesday!

    Becky x

  11. Hi Louise, looking forward to meeting you in London next week...I'm assuming you're back from your holiday...which looked amazing. Love your blog...I'm off to investigate further!! Robx

  12. I hope your trip to NY was super fun.


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