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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Wonderful Winchelsea

Just outside Rye on the East Sussex coast is the village of Winchelsea. I always call in here when I'm visiting Rye. It's about as cute and chocolate boxy as it gets. Centuries ago this was a bustling town of sea traders...but then the tide went out, and out, and Winchelsea became land locked. Today what remains is a quiet little village sitting on a hill overlooking the sea. It seems like it's set in aspic, unchanged for decades, and it's only the grandeur of some of the houses that give clues to it's ancient past.

You still drive in to the village through the old castle archway, Strand Gate, today.

The high street were the post office stands today has hardly changed over 100 years (top right in the photo below)


And now...

This was the Castle armoury ... now a beautiful home

Houses rarely come on the market in Winchelsea but there's a couple of beauties at the moment (all sadly well out of my reach but it's great to dream!) Do you have a favourite?



  1. looks like a lovely place for a visit, I must try and go there some time. I love all the photos, but I kind of like the white clap board house with the flowers....very pretty indeed! Have a lovely week. Sharon :)

  2. Thanks Sharon. I love clapperboard too and I could really see myself living in such a cute house - in my dreams!


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