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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Bits and bobs

It's been such a busy couple of weeks since I got back from Devon. The day job has been exhausting (but bills have to be paid) and I've had little time to indulge in craft making. Still I did get around to starting on some homemade Xmas gifts this weekend.

Using scraps of material - some pretty hearts

I keep all my sewing bits and bobs in the old tins I collect

One Xmas gift that family and friends are guaranteed to get is some of the soap I made on my course at Odds and Suds in Tavistock. They have posted some photos of our workshop on their Facebook page. Here we are learning how to decorate soap.

I had my Cath Kidston notebook ready to jot down the recipe.

The workshop was in the beautiful kitchen at the back of the shop.

Some of the pretty soap on display in the shop

These look good enough to eat!

They also have a shop in Ashburton and you can see Jennie from Odds and Suds showing Kirstie Allsopp how to make soap here:

Don't the weekends go too fast? 

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