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Friday, 5 November 2010

Thatched cottage heaven

I can't resist a thatched cottage can you?   They are so cute and quintessentially English I come over all Miss Marple at the sight of one! While I was down in Devon (boy did I pack a lot into a couple of days!) I drove through the pretty little village of Dunsford and spied these beauties.

The village shop was closed for lunch but produce was left outside on display - a rare sight these days.

This roof was being re-thatched. Thatch lasts about 30 years.

 Dunsford is surrounded by beautiful hills and woodland.

Red telephone boxes are sadly a thing of the past but Dunsford still hangs on to theirs - hurrah!

A beautiful little village I'll think you'll agree.

More tea vicar?


  1. A dream!! Visiting Dunsford is absolutely one of the things to do in the life..thank you for sharing ;)
    Have a nice weekend

  2. Being there was like being transported back to the 1950s. Enjoy the weekend. Louise x

  3. I agree, Louise, what a beautiful village !
    Seems like you had a wonderful time there.
    Making your own soap, sounds great, I love soaps !
    Lovely wishes,


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