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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Watford vintage fair

After a bad bout of flu I was glad to be out and about today and as Watford's first vintage fair was being held I decided to pop along. Despite the freezing temperatures outside, the hall was packed with buyers and I think its going to be a very successful regular event - but with so much interest I think they're going to need a bigger venue!

As it was so busy it made it a little difficult to take photos but here are a few I managed to snatch on my iphone.

There were lots of scarves..

Tons of jewellery - I think this was the most attractive stall...

Clothes galore...

And umpteen hats and handbags...

I didn't buy anything as I have so much vintage stuff at home. In fact I'm seriously thinking of getting a stall next time and selling some clutter!


  1. Glad you're feeling better, Louise !
    Looks like a interesting fair. I also have many things at home, when I see something nice my husband often asks where I'm going to put it :-)
    Lovely wishes,

  2. Men don't always appreciate our need to buy things do they?!


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