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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Salt 'n Pepper

I love Bakerlite don't you? I've bought loads of it over the years and these salt 'n pepper shakers are part of my collection. They've been on display in a kitchen cabinet for so long that I'd not paid them much attention, so this afternoon I took them out for a dusting and photographed some of my favourites for you to see.

I've bought most of them on trips to the US.  I have a couple of favourite antique haunts that I frequent when I'm in California. A 90 minute the drive up the coast from LA takes you to Ventura, a positive Mecca for vintage lovers and where some of my collection was found.

Another favourite spot is San Juan Capistrano (below), south of LA on the way down to San Diego - you can take the coast train from LA's amazing art deco railway station. I never leave here empty handed!

I've saved my favourites for last. I adore this pretty pair of angels - lovely for a Xmas table. And who could resist the cute penguin set?

Sadly this chirpy fellow has lost is other half :-(


  1. Lovely collection, Louise !
    The penguins are really cute !
    Nice Sunday,

  2. Thank you Sylvia, Hope you've had a lovely weekend - they go too quickly don't 'they? L x

  3. I LOVE the penguins, so cute!


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