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Friday, 25 March 2011

Country Living Spring Fair

A trip to Country Living Magazine's Spring Fair is a delightful way to end a sunny week off work. I always look forward to this event and come home inspired by all the beautiful home and garden stalls in particular. Despite the jostling crowds (do those Home Counties ladies sharpen their elbows especially for the day?) I managed to take a few photos with my iphone which I hope give you a glimpse of some of the gorgeous goodies on display.

Did I come home empty handed? By my rather extravagant standards I was remarkably restrained. I really liked this enamel shaker in the same shade as my new kitchen units.

I can't decide whether to use this metal utensil holder in the kitchen or summerhouse.

You need real stamina for the Country Living Fair let me tell you. After a few hours I had back ache and sore feet - despite the various fuel stops for tea and cake! So I'm back home with feet up and a cuppa reflecting on a lovely day and lots of new ideas for the house and garden. 

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  1. what a lovely day out Louise.....thanks for comment. i am very nervous about her going off....shes only 18, but i guess whatever the age its still nervewracking.


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