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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Retail therapy

Firstly, I must welcome new followers. You're so welcome here!

I can't believe how busy life is for me right now. I work in the NHS, a service that I love dearly, but unfortunately we are going through a terrible time. The coalition Government have decided to make unprecedented (and unnecessary) changes to the way the service is organised and many of us are facing redundancy or having to reapply for our jobs. It's a horrid time.

I haven't been shopping since Xmas - well girly type shopping anyway - and I was so feeling in need of some serious retail therapy. I have to confess that I splurged big style today!

I bought this lovely Orla Keily utensil holder as a gift for my new kitchen (being installed next month - so excited!). Even the box is came in had been 'Orlafied'. Isn't is gorgeous?

This lovely necklace is for my a dear friends birthday. I think it will look great with summer outfits.

Heavens, I have so many friends with birthdays this month. This vintage necklace is for a special someone who is celebrating her 50th.

My spring/summer wardrobe is in dire need of a lift. Sometimes I go clothes shopping and I can't find a single thing. I want something stylish, fashionable, that hides all those lumps and bumps that mysteriously appear post 50. Well let me tell you, today I was on a roll! This pretty cardigan from Mango was my first choice. I love the voile trim. Very feminine.

And then in Zara I found this gorgeous silk tunic. Casual over jeans and leggings, dressed up over white linen trousers. I'm going to live in it this summer!

Beautiful embroidered detail

Look at the back of this jacket from Wallis. So pretty, and only £25 on sale - how could I refuse?

and Believe it or not these are from Clarks. Comfy and sexy in one!

So there you have it. Retail therapy success. Now will someone please hide my debit card.


  1. Hello Louise,
    Sorry to read about those nasty changes concerning your job.
    You've bought lovely things, I love the silk tunic, the enbroidery is so beautiful !
    And I'm sure your friends will be really happy with those necklaces :-)
    Lovely wishes,

  2. Thank you Sylvia. It's hard times for so many people across Europe. I guess we just have to count our blessings.


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